GOING GREEN SYSTEM OFF HOUSE GRID


Utilizing the sun to run your existing swimming pool pump, without the need to change to expensive direct current or DC pump.

The system consists of 5 solar panels, special DC to AC invertor with booster, panel kit includes fitting to install on roof and 20m solar cable.

The above can be installed by Sundero Pools or as a DIY solar kit.

This system allows you to run your pump 0.75kw for 7-8 hours a day.

A 0.75kw pump running for 8 hours a day will cost in the region of R400.00 a month on electricity.

It will take 3.6 years to pay itself off and after that the pump runs for free.

The swimming pool pump is second in high usage of power after your geyser.

The nice thing about using your existing pump is firstly you already have one if you are a pool owner, secondly DC pumps are expensive to replace about R10 000.00 to R18 000.00 a normal pump replacement is R3000.00, as well as their parts are expensive, to give you an idea a impellor for DC pump is around R2500.00 were normal AC pump is R200.00.


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